A new life for your old piano

There it is, sitting in your house; your desire to not see it there grows a little more every day.  The piano tech told you it is not worth fixing.  You have tried to sell that old piano on Craigslist, in Pennysaver, you've tried to give it away.  Yet it remains, claiming space you want for something else.  Other movers can put it in a landfill for you.  Dietrich Piano Transfer will do something better.

Your home will be treated with the same care put into all of Dietrich Piano Transfer's moves, and we'll get that old piano out of your hair.  Once in my hands, the piano will be disassembled and all metal components will be responsibly recycled.  The proceeds from scrapping the metal will pay for a fraction of this lengthy laborious process.

For a free estimate call 412-427-7428.  Please also feel free to inquire about what finished pieces or salvaged parts I may have available for purchase.

Have a piano that you think should be looked over before you give up on it?  Please check out my piano inspection service.

You can also look over my other crafted or created works.




All components will be examined with an artists eye to see what can be given a new life as something beautiful.  Wood will be reshaped, refinished, and repurposed into well-crafted decor, furniture, or household items.  Little is wasted - even junked pieces may be able to supply heat to my workshop.

Many pianos will have very little that will be useful for a second life, but I can still show respect for the craft that went into the piano by retiring it as responsibly as possible.

Despite the extra time my approach requires, I can generally offer my piano removal service at a lower rate than competing removal services.

                                        Early 1900's Player Piano

                                       Early 1900's Player Piano

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