Professional, affordable service.  an experienced mover.  Your piano safely from A to B.

You learn a few things when you have 20 years of  experience.  At the head of my own crew, this experience has produced hundreds of successful piano moves.  Add an efficient approach and you get a great service at a great price.

Where, when, and how much?                                                                                                                                                                  I serve anywhere I can drive to - mostly Pittsburgh, including Allegheny, Butler, and Armstrong counties.  Usually a few days is enough lead time to schedule your move.  I devote all the time, materials, and resources necessary to ensure your piano receives the care it deserves.  My charge for this service is lower than any competitor, guaranteed.  Please call 412-427-7428 for a free estimate.

Can you inspect a piano, get rid of my old piano, store a piano, help me find a good piano?                                                                Yes!  Please check out my piano inspection servicemy piano removal and recycling serviceand my piano storage service.  As far as getting a good price on a good piano, please check out my sales page for very low cost used pianos that are fantastic condition internally. For new pianos I recommend Noteworthy Music, for which I have been the go-to guy for years.  

Will you move my organ, my couch?                                                                                                                                                        I am a Pittsburgh piano moving specialist, and by specializing in piano moves, I have been able to develop an exceptional, affordable service.  A small/medium organ uses the same tools and skill set as a piano, so yes.  Perhaps I can take along a dresser with your piano, but I do not offer general moving services.


          412-427-7428                         Dietrich Piano Transfer