Jordan Dietrich came from a hard-working and very musical family.  After college, two years in South Korea, and over ten years of marriage, Jordan, his wife, and their five children live on a farm in small community in a peaceful valley.

In addition to his work with pianos and help managing a family-owned music store, Jordan is also an inventor with patents for next generation roller coasters and ocarinas, among other non-patented endeavors such as the world's first commercially viable glass ocarina.  An aspiring craftsman/woodworker, Jordan is a source for custom birthing chairs, patterned after the one he made that helped his wife painlessly give birth to their one year old daughter.

Always producing some unique solution or interesting creation, some of Jordan's future projects include a massive geodesic greenhouse for growing timber bamboo, handmade wooden tables with a water-like surface, and homemade wind turbines.