Your "free" piano can cost you $800!

It's a sad story I've heard too often: "I loved the way it looked.  The moving company charged us a few hundred because it was so heavy.  When we paid the piano tuner to tune it, he looked it over and said it would need over a thousand dollars of work before it could even be brought up to pitch.  Eventually we had to pay someone to haul it to the junkyard and pay per pound to have it disposed."

 With an inspection by a trained professional, you can ensure this sad story does not become yours.

Bridge pins, delamination, and other things you've never heard of

It is a rare person who knows how to "get under the hood" of a piano.  I'd venture to guess that you're not quite sure how to check bridge pins or for soundboard delamination, mostly because you didn't know you were supposed to.  But there are some things that can wreck what would have been a good piano, and there are other things that aren't a huge deal.  Some things are prohibitively expensive to fix and others are pretty cheap.  By having a knowledgeable person who has inspected hundreds of pianos check it over, you can rest easy that you will get all the information you need to make a decision.

The best piano inspector

The best person to look over a piano is qualified piano technician.  Not only will a piano tech identify piano issues, he can also tell you how much he would charge to correct such issues.  Additionally, he will ascertain the finer points of what can be done to make the piano perform and sound its best.  I have provided a list of recommended piano technicians below.

The other option is me.  While I am not a piano technician, I also identify existing and potential issues with a piano.  I have been trained to find them and have done so on scores of pianos.  You save a little money, get to know the fellow who will move your piano, and will be provided with a report detailing what you should know about the piano.  Often, all is well and you can rest easy.  If the piano is in need of some TLC, I will give you a good idea of the costs involved and, if you wish,  get you in touch with a technician who can help.

My charge for this service depends almost entirely on my driving time.  For a free estimate call 412-427-7428.  I also offer inspection as an add-on service for only $20 if requested in conjunction with a move.  If you decide to give up on a piano you own, I can remove it for you.

list of qualified piano repair technicians

North Pittsburgh and Vicinities      Joseph Gumbosky       724-224-1327

Pittsburgh and South                      Michael Mezhinsky      412-881-0883

Pittsburgh and West/Beaver            Doug Zimmerman      724-846-6680


       412-427-7428                        dietrich piano transfer